Getup! Eat! Be Strong! Finish Your Journey! | Word from the Shepherd No. 141 | 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time B

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B
1 Kgs.19:4-8; Eph.4:30 – 5:2; Jn.6:41-51

“Get up and eat, or the journey will be too long for you. Strengthened by that food, he walked forty days and forty nights to Horeb, the mountain of God”.

When we are going through our Calvary, our moments of disillusionment and despair… when drained and discouraged… when we want to lie down and sleep, the angel awakes us and says: “Get up! Eat! Finish the journey.”

But strong spiritual food gives incredible strength. That day in the desert, the Lord provided manna to the people. Then, the angel ministered to Elijah who was ready to lie down and die. Jesus gave Himself as the Bread of Life for our life’s journey.

It was food provided by God.Not material food but His word that fires up faith, enables us to endure, nourishes us for mission and makes us discern what is perishable or enduring, and what is of the spirit or of the flesh.

Do you want to just lie down and die? What is draining you?
Sometimes, endless disappointments, concerted attempts to sabotage and unrelenting opposition had broken the spirit of many good and genuine leaders.

The unreflective, unreceptive and un-perceiving communities can cause leaders or pastors to despair.

The reaction is to run from the mission, run into the desert, to want to lie down and die.

But the chosen, or the anointed or the sent is never alone. The Lord provides the physical, mental, emotional, affective and spiritual capacity to finish the journey. God’s food is affirmative, assuring and empowering. They are:

  1. The Eucharist, the Bread from heaven, the Bread of Life, the life-giving relationship of union with the Lord of the Journey.
  2. The Eternal Word, the guiding word of the angel that touches, awakes, ( that said: get up, eat and move)
  3. The Divine Will, God’s plan and destiny as revealed; the unfinished work Of Elijah; the “going up to Mt Horeb, the Mountain of God”
  4. The Holy Spirit, the life and the love within; enables us to be a giver and to love faithfully and freely Christ loved. We go on driven by the Christ life and love.

What the Lord expects from us is OBEDIENCE, which is the heart of one’s spiritual life. The word of God is always there with us. We may read his presence or misread or not read at all.

First the prerequisite to seeing the God-with-us, is recognising the Divine, then we see the People of God or the Body of Christ or the assembly of worshippers.

Secondly, It has to be noted that some will always see a great man, a great teacher and powerful personality. So these people miss seeing the Lord.

Finally, there will always be a set with deep hunger, deep belief and deep love but remain deprived and not in communion by choice or by law.

We are not alone, in the silence, HE speaks to peak you up.