Season of Creation 2021

In conjunction with the Launch of PROTEC Year 2 and the Season of Creation 2021, the Episcopal Commission for Creation Justice of Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, under its “Protect Our Earth, Protect Our Children” (PROTEC) Campaign 2020-2025, has lined up a series of talks to raise understanding on the climate emergency and Pope Francis’ call for ecological conversion.

The theme for PROTEC YR2 is: “Cut down meat, dairy and food waste”. These talks will show how the current industrial food system is hurting the planet and how each of us has the power to save creation through our daily food choices.

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配合 PROTEC 第 2 年和 2021 年

“受造界时期”的启动,马来西亚、新加坡和汶莱的主教团受造界正义委员会在其“保护我们的地球,保护我们的孩子” (PROTEC) 2020-2025 运动,已经安排了一系列线上讲座,以提高对气候紧急状况及教宗方济各所呼吁有关生态转变的理解。