Vision and Mission

The first 5-year Pastoral Plan (2016-2020)

The second 5-year Pastoral Plan (2021-2026)

Pastoral Thrust for MJD

  1. Maintaining continuity from the first 5-year Pastoral Plan i.e. the 4E spirituality, the Communion of Families, that seeks to be Creative, Inclusive, Bridge-Building, Visionary and Missionary.
  2. Re-look at the current pandemic situation; Re-design strategies action; Re-direct to become a light of Hope.


1. MJD’s Enlightenment Preparation:See the Light.
2. MJD’s Prayer Preparation:Light the Heart.
3. MJD’s Deepening Preparation:Sustain the Light.
4. MJD’s Grassroot Preparation:Spread the Light.
5. MJD’s V-M Preparation:Beholding the bigger Light.
6. MJD’s Pilgrim Ground Preparation:Merging of the Light.