MJDPA 2023 – MPC 2026

Journey from Malacca Johore Diocesan Pastoral Assembly 2023 (MJDPA 2023) to Malaysia Pastoral Convention 2026 (MPC 2026)

The Diocese of Malacca Johore (MJD) enters the next phase in our journey towards MALAYSIA PASTORAL CONVENTION 2026. After preparing for Malacca Johore Diocese 50th Anniversary (MJD50) since 2020, with the launch at St Paul’s Hill, Malacca, we rounded off with the MJD50 at MAJODI Centre on the 3rd December 2022, on the Feast of St Francis Xavier.

Together with the universal church, which is calling us to listen to the Holy Spirit and become a Synodal

  • the Church here aspires to be listening & discerning church;
  • the church that walks together in a spirit of communiongparticipation and mission;
  • becoming an inclusive, creative and bridge-building Malaysian Church; that time is here and now.

The MJD began initiating Parish Pastoral Assemblies to

  • listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying through the baptised men and women of faith;
  • to discern the core areas of Family, Church, Ecology & Society;
  • and it was followed with the Vicariate Pastoral Assemblies, held simultaneously on 5th June 2023 in the 3 Vicariates of Malacca, North-Central Johor and South Johor.

From the 1st August 2023 onwards, the Catholics of MJD will pray for the diocese and Malaysian
Church as we prepare for our,

  • MJDPA 2023;
  • the Peninsula Malaysia Pastoral Convention 5 (PMPC5) – the last in 2024;
  • the Malaysia Catholic Youth Assembly 2025; and
  • MPC 2026, when the Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung Churches will come together.

  1. The 4-E:
    MJD’s aspiration to see a 4-E Diocese of Parishes, BECs, Ministries & Catholics.
  2. “A Light of Hope”:
    Our focus & mission to our neighbours & the world.
  3. The Fish or Ichthus (Ichthys):
    Sign of the early Church, Our connection to the early church, sharing the One History.
  1. The Highway:
    A journey of all peoples ready to respond to the signs of times; even with the courage to change directions.
  2. The Butterfly:
    The MJD logo becoming butterflies, a transforming community of believers.
  3. The Statement:
    Orientation Priorities till 2026.
    “Walking Together in a Spirit of Communion, Participation & Mission Towards MPC 2026”


O God, Father of all peoples and nations, who gathers and walks with Your people, we thank You for our Journey as Malaysian Church.
Grant us the grace to meditate on “OUR HISTORY. OUR STORY. OUR MISSION”, that we may continue to grow in awareness and appreciation of our identity, thus responding better to the building of your Kingdom.

Jesus, the Way to the Father, the Truth that frees us and the Light of Hope, while here among us, you cared, loved, and had compassion for all, especially the suffering, the poor, and the dejected, and you continue to love and care for us still.
Teach us to be like you in our service.

O Holy Spirit, Fire of Mission, You make us ONE Body, ONE in Spirit, ONE in Hope, ONE in the Lord, ONE in FAITH, ONE in Baptism and ONE in God.
Empower our witness of the Malaysian Church as ”Church-in-the-World”, and guide our preparation and celebration of MPC2026.

Mary, Our Mother, you endured the joys and sorrows of family and community life, be our inspiration in our pains and sufferings.
May we, with You, be an enduring church and diocese, becoming a LIGHT OF HOPE to our neighbours.

May the words of our lips and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O God who hears every prayer.