Malacca Johore Diocese


Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, DD

2016 – PRESENT

Photo of Bishop Emeritus Paul Tan

Rt. Rev. Paul Tan, SJ

2003 – 2015

Rt. Rev. James Chan, DD

1972 – 2001

Vision-Mission Statement of Diocese of Malacca Johore

From the 2016 Diocesan Synod and the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention IV (PMPC IV) of 2016, the Diocese of Malacca Johore has opted for the following pastoral thrust:

Church as Communion of Families

seeks to be Creative, Inclusive, Bridge Building, Visionary & Missionary,
and to go forth as “disciples of Hope”

The Pastoral Focus for the next 5 years are:

  1. Deepening Faith (Fire Up the Embers) through Formations and Encounter Programmes.
  2. Building Believing Communities (Keep the Fire Burning) through Re-designing BECs approaches and offer alternatives.
  3. Awakening the Missionary Spirit (Light up Lives) through awareness that everything we do can be evangelistic opportunities.
  4. Adopt an E-approach Strategy in all parishes, ministries, services and formations: Emphasise the 4 components of Catholic Spirituality ie. ENCOUNTER, ENLIGHTNEMENT, EMPOWERMENT AND EVANGELISATION.

The Biblical Basis: Luke 4: 16-21

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2101 Jalan Masai, Plentong
81750 Masai

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