The Truth About Life, Love and Sex (No Apologies JB, 2016)

In the opening session, the participants first learned about themselves in the topic “Who Am I?’. The second session discussed about the influence of the media in our lives. It let participants know that the messages sent out by the media affect how they view love, sex and relationships. The session was very eye opening especially when the participants were asked to gauge how much time they spend on media activities. In between talks, there was also praise and worship and confession. The sessions continued with the topic “Boundaries and Choices”. Again the participants found this session on how boundaries set today affect their future and the consequences when boundaries are crossed very interesting. The next session, taught the participants about healthy relationships and chastity. This session helped participants make sense of the feelings they have for members of the opposite gender and learn the difference between love, lust and infatuation. They also got their pledge cards to remind them of their commitment to purity which they will carry with them as after this camp. Their parents also attended a special parents’ session conducted by Deacon Petrus and his wife.

The second night ended with a video and a session about homosexuality. The final day began with began with a bible sharing session. Deacon Adrian then shared on vocation for the final session. The camp closed with confession and the closing mass.

Among the many issues young people face today, making wise choices about sexuality is one of the most critical. The culture we live in is teeming with sexual images, inappropriate messages and dangerous advice about sex. Through the No Apologies camp, we help the young steer through the sea of mixed messages that surrounds them and focus on the words of God.