Persons are Gift at CIC

After months of planning and practices the first day of the camp finally arrived. The facilitating team put on a great welcoming ceremony for the icebreakers. They acted, sang and played games to help the participants feel more comfortable and get to know one another. The participants then shared their expectations and contributions for the camp in the first session. The sessions in the camp taught the participants to realise all their gifts from God. They discovered more about themselves and the talents they had. The participants also learned about the gift of God’s love, the gift of their parents and the gift of the people around them. Apart from just listening to the speakers, talent hunt games, testimonies, group sharings and videos were used in the sessions. “All the sessions were helpful spiritually,” said Breanna Anne.

Christopher Luke Felix and his team also led them in praise and worships which were one of the highlights of the camp. In the evenings, Donald Culas led the participants in team building games and dodgeball.

Apart from the sessions, praise and worships and games, the participants were also touched during Adoration on the first night of the camp. Abygail Sharon shared, “I could feel God speaking to me and calling me in Adoration.” On the second night, many parents and guests attended a talent night with performances by the participants. The participants used their gift of talents to put up amazing skits. A feast was prepared for all present as the guests had brought various delicious dishes for the potluck that night.

The sacrament of reconciliation was held on the third day, and all the participants took the opportunity to confess their sins. The parents also attended a parents’ session on the final day and then joined their children for the final Mass. For the closing of the camp, the participants prayed over their parents and then their parents prayed over them. The camp helped many of the participants build a relationship with God. Many of them asked for more prayer time in future camps and volunteered to help in upcoming camps. Suzzann Susai said, “I want to support future PAG camps to help the future generation grow in faith.”