Melaka-Johor Diocese Youth Plan for the Year Ahead

During the meeting, the youth groups reported on the many events that they have organised since October 2013. Besides weekly youth gatherings such as praise and worship, youth BEC and sports events; camps like Kem Emmanuel (Bahasa), CHOICE Weekend (Tamil & Mandarin), Persons are Gifts (English & Mandarin) and Youth Encounter (Tamil) were organised to deepen the faith of our youth. English Apostolate highlighted their leadership programme Project David as instrumental in training future leaders among the youth. The delegates were encouraged by Tamil Apostolates revamp and of their hospital visits. Another interesting project was Project S by the Mandarin speaking youth of St Theresa’s Malacca. ‘S’ stood for ‘study’ and youths were encouraged to pray and study for their exams; free tuition was also provided for those in need.

Being with other youth groups allowed the youth leaders to share their ideas and ask for advice to solve any problems they may have. Three of the delegates who went for Asian Youth Day were also present to share about their moving experience especially in walking the trail of the martyrs. The upcoming diocesan and international level events such as mission trips, Malaysian Catholic Campus Student Day, MJD Youth Day and vocation camps were also presented. All youth groups were encouraged to work together to ensure the success of these events.

As requested by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium, the Youth Ministry of Melaka-Johor diocese is focused on reaching out to make disciples of all nations. Our meeting this year helped to keep us in one mind and spirit in building the kingdom of God here on earth. Let us all strive to be extraordinary youth, shining in Christ’s glory.