Equipping our youth with faith

For the Youcat sessions, the participants first took a quiz. They then asked questions on parts of the quiz that they got wrong to get an explanation from the Youcat. In the following days, they were encouraged to come up with their own questions regarding the faith, but in a twist, they were then given the task to find the answers themselves. The participants looked through the Youcat, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the internet and other sources to find answers to their questions and then presented to the group their findings. They found this method very eye opening as by doing the actual research they were more involved and could remember better.

In the Bible Study sessions, the participants were taught bible timeline and exposed to exegesis. Again, they were asked to come up with questions for the text they were studying and required to find the answers in commentaries. Magdeline, who studies at the Teacher’s Training College in Larkin shared, ‘I didn’t realise that studying the Bible could be so much fun!’

Quite a few participants highlighted the Lectio Divina, Imaginative prayer and intercessory prayer as the most memorable part of the camp. They found these prayers very useful in their prayer life. Also during the event, the Angelus and Divine Mercy prayers were said at the appointed times and the Liturgy of the Hours was used for morning and night prayer.

The event was also blessed as every morning the participants attended Mass celebrated by the Bishops of Malaysia who were there for their Conference Meeting. It was indeed a special way to start every morning. The Mass was then followed by an hour of personal silent prayer in which the participants could practice the different forms of prayer they were taught. On Friday evening, the participants served as hospitality ministers for Mass at Skudai Catholic Centre and welcomed the congregation with warm smiles and handshakes. On the final day, everyone gathered at the Chapel of St James in MAJODI for a beautiful Adoration where the participants presented their own petitions and prayed for one another.

The Mission Discovery truly exposed the participants for more facets of our rich and wonderful Catholic faith and we pray that next year, young people will set apart a week or two to come and learn more about their Lord and Saviour. Carlos Pereira from Melaka had attended the camp before but he said ‘it helped me to open my eyes and know the truth about God. I feel that this camp made me realise the importance of being a Catholic’.