Armour of God Bible Study

The camp began with icebreakers animated by members of the English youth ministry of St Theresa, the Catholic Fraternity Movement. These youths helped as the praise and worship team for the camp. In the first session the students were taught how to do lectio divina so they could do their own bible reflections when they were on their own. For many of them this was the first time they were doing a bible study. The next session, Shield of Faith, included a trust walk which tied into the message of the session. For the final session of the first day, the students participated in a quiz and answered questions from the Youcat. The day ended with an adoration before the participants went home for the night.

The participants began day two with a bible sharing and praise and worship. They then broke into groups to share their opinions on case studies pertaining to different current issues. After lunch, the Catholic Fraternity Movement helped run games for the participants. In the afternoon, the participants went for the sacrament of reconciliation. The final session of the day was held at the same time with a separate session for parents, and dealt with parent-child relationships.

On the final day, the participants were taught the importance of being missionaries of the faith. A few of them came forward to share their testimonies of how God has worked in their lives. They then came forward during an altar call and pledged to go forth as witnesses of Christ. After the final session, everyone attended mass in St Theresa.

The participants mentioned after the camp that their faith was deepened and they learned to read the bible in a new way. They also felt braver to share their faith with others and to serve in Church.