Video Clip on the Orang Selatar

This is a video clip that Aru Bumi – the orang asli ministry of Johor Meleka Diocese – help assist 2 students from Lim Kok Wing University in Cyberjaya to record.  Its well done though it took almost the whole day the actual production was about 9 minutes.

The clip shows the live of the Orang Selatar – the sea gypsies of Johor at 2 villages – Kampong Simpang Arang, Gelang Patah and Kampong Kuala Masai.  It also shows that instead of giving a man fish but to teach a man how to fish , he will be able to fish as can be seen in Kampong Kuala Masai when Aru Bumi helped to construct a floating platform of less than 20 plastic barrels and now there are hundreds of barrels as the eye can see and which on a good day can harvest 60 – 80 kilos of mussels which are sold to markets in KL and even Singapore.

It also shows  how much the authorities are taking care of their housing needs as can be evidently be seen.  Though there is no sound over, the video is touching as it shows the plight of the orand asli with development cripping ever so fast.

Please spare some time to view the clip.