2019 Lenten Reflection Materials

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Sunday Lent 1: Temptation
AL 143-157

Video A: Caleb break free from porno.

Video B: Elizabeth meeting with old lady complaining about husband.

Sunday Lent 2: Transfiguration
AL 313-316, 319-320

Video: Coach talking to wife about failing as football coach

Sunday Lent 3: Conversion and Fruitfulness

Video: The Cross, Caleb’s father talking to son.

Sunday Lent 4:
AL 89-119

Video: Caleb’s Apology to the wife

Sunday Lent 5: The Stoning of the Woman.
AL 297-299, 305-308

Video A: Man crying over daughter’s death, seeking for healing from regrets.

Video B: About fighting the right way [ War Kendricks]