M.J.C.C is on a new journey!

52nd Meeting ArticleThe objectives of the meeting were to discuss the previous structure as well as events organized and the new structure along with its implementation process.

The previous structure consisted of 6 committee members with posts namely the president, 2 vices, a secretary, a logistics as well as a publicity representative with 4 major annual events hosted which are the Leaders in Training (L.I.T) Camp, Appreciation Dinner, and District as well as Diocese level meetings.

52nd Meeting ArticleAs per the 52nd M.J.C.C Diocese-Level Meeting, this meeting marked an exciting time for Malacca-Johore Catholics on Campus (MJCC) with its renewed focus on District-Level Empowerment, creativity in its approaches and boldness in its ambitions for the Lord.

There will now be four (4) districts: South Johore 1, South Johore 2, Malacca and North Johore.

The new structure now consists of 1-2 appointed leaders either a representative and/or the president of each CSS/CF for each district called Campus in Action (C.I.A). Each district is encouraged to organize Local District Programs.

52nd Meeting ArticleOne of the many opportunities we see as a committee is District-Level Empowerment. We wish to empower District Level Committees to organize and plan programs suited for the District (Malacca, North and South Johore 1 & 2) and to be able to reach out to more Christian Students within the District.

One great example of a local district program is Let’s MEET which stands for Meeting Excitedly and Expectantly Together. It aims to provide for students a monthly retreat, a safe space to share and encourage one another in faith and a community experience founded on prayer and outreach.

52nd Meeting ArticleNow, with the new structure in place, the following events are undergoing the planning process and each district is diligently taking charge.

  • Leaders in Training (Malaysia Day) (1st Sem)
  • Appreciation Dinner (2nd Sem)
  • Diocese Meetings (1 Each Sem)
  • District FORMATIONS (instead of Meeting; organized by local District Comm.)

52nd Meeting Article