Leaders In Training (L.I.T) Camp

LIT Camp 2It kicked off with Ice Breakers followed by a Praise and Worship session. Sister Shanti then gave a talk titled ‘Why Am I Here?’ to better understand our purpose of being present there. The night ended with High Low God (H.L.G) Moments among group members over supper.

In the aims of providing a holistic experience and formation for the leaders, 4 specific elements were focused on throughout the camp namely the Human Formation, and elements on Intellectual, Faith, and Pastoral.

I am who I am was the basis of Sister Shanti’s 2nd Session. She said the journey of finding yourself will lead you to God. “If I find myself, I will find God.” She also creatively grouped us into 4 groups of animals – buffalo (Luke – Sacrifice), fish (Matthew – Jesus Incarnation), eagle (John – Logos from above), and lion (Mark – Christ the king), each representing diverse personalities to recognize our leadership styles.

LIT Camp 3Uncle Henry, on the other hand, taught us about paradigm shifts – self-awareness. Our world views are easily influenced – if it changes, so does our decision. “The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities” – Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He also touched on checkbook balancing. Just as we should balance out our expenditure, we should also balance out our worldly activities and our spiritual life.

Moving on, Faith Formation by His Lordship Bishop Bernard followed by a Healing Session touched the inner most part of all our souls. “I had a strong feeling from Him after the Healing Session,” said Bosco from MCG, “He wants me to find my way back to Him to experience His love and joy once more.” “God walks with us (Emmanuel)”reminded Bishop Bernard. “Genuine faith brings us closer to one another”- despite coming from different walks of life.

Furthermore, Matthew Wee stated that though we may feel pain at the start of our life long journey to Heaven, we must persevere and push through because the pain will not last but the fruits of your efforts will be sweet.

“We were not made for comfort, we were made for greatness” is a quote Daryl lives by and wishes for us to bear in mind as well. He also (re)introduced the Discipleship Roadmap and the Spiritual Multiplication Depth Chart to help us better recognize where we stand in our spiritual life.

The 3 days 2 nights camp gave the participants from all CSS and CF a platform to get together to strengthen their bonds with each other otherwise not offered elsewhere.

LIT Camp 4The camp also allowed for Games and Siesta so the participants wouldn’t feel the weight of all this corporal work on their shoulders. “As a leader, it is not always going to be just work, work, and work,” said Natalie Rachel from BASIC.

Participants allowed the Holy Spirit to work with and through each and every one of them to make the camp a success. “Even though this will be my last time joining L.I.T, I look forward to having more camps as fun an exciting as this for future leaders,” said Eva Glenn from EPIC. “This camp succeeded in uniting all our brothers and sisters in Christ and acted as a platform to empower us not just in leadership but also aided in helping us to grow in the faith together,” commented President of the M.J.C.C Committee, Joe Baxter.