“Fun with the Son” Chinese New Year Camp

From 28th – 31st January, 31 youths and campus students from seven universities (PIS, UiTM PG, KSKB,IPG, UPSI, UTM, Poiliteknik Mersing) participated in the “Fun with the Son” Chinese New Year Camp at MAJODI Centre. UiTM Pasir Gudang and Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan, Masai, joined strengths to pull together this camp with speakers Sr Mag FSIC, Sr Shanti, FDCC and Deacon Adrian Ng.

In December 2016, the student leaders had identified commitment as one of the key challenges of their community. Therefore, a programme was created that touched on their personal faith encounter and the deepening of their knowledge of faith through the asking and answering of questions.

On Sunday night, the participants watched the movie ‘Silence’. While it was very long, many appreciated that it was a good movie. It was a sobering invitation to reflect on our own readiness to follow Jesus through it all. The talk on “Vocations & Mission” by Sr Shanti was also helpful; a few of the students expressed an open-ness to becoming a priest or religious.

The apologetics content was crafted the material into Bible Studies so that it was more of a personal self-discovery and interiorisation experience. Quite a few participants appreciated the space in small groups to reflect and share about their life experiences as well.  

The camp also had its lighter moments like loh yee sang and outing to Tanjung Balau beach. But the climax was the last night, when the young people had a chance to present an item. While this was fun, each group used their own way to show us the power of God and show how the Lord wants to be the guide for our lives.

Many of the participants said that one of the things they want to change after the camp is to pray and read the Bible more. They hope that this camp will continue to be an annual event which they can bring their friends.