A Catechetical Mission to Kota Belud

St. Edmund parish of Kota Belud was the host for the Mission trip where all the necessities were provided by them. The Mission team was very glad to be able to work together with a youth team from the Parish which is the ‘Team Pelayanan Belia Paroki ‘(TPBP). Through their swift management, the mission team was able to go into four different zones around Kota Belud such as Kelawat, Tambulion, Pekan and Purak Ogis. Prior to the main mission into each zone, the mission team went through a special orientation so as to prepare them for evangelism as well as empowering their teaching vocation.

Two speakers were invited for the orientation. Mr. Alexander Paulus Jiran, a lecturer, gave two talks on Discipleship and Evangelism while Ms. Suilin, a teacher, talked about Teaching as a vocation. The talks given were very uplifting and thus prepared the team to serve their best as they went out to catechise the young people. One of the team member, Vivie Geana recalled that it was a very moving experience to go into the interior churches as the youth were very welcoming and eager to learn. The mission team managed to conduct sessions with the youth in Kelawat and Tambulion zones, while Project IC was conducted in Pekan and Purak Ogis zones.

As the team leader, the most challenging task was to conduct sessions where the participants (in Purak Ogis) were mainly senior citizens, and some were illiterate. Nevertheless, they treasured the message given and an uncle thanked us for giving them such information.

There were many challenges yet beautiful experiences during the mission trip and it has shaped teacher trainees especially for the love of serving God. I hope many teacher trainees from all over Malaysia can join us for the mission trip next time.