MJD School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)


  • The initial expectation 40 years ago, following that of the Aggiornamento of 1976, has been achieved for BE Cs to a certain extent, i.e. the people who comes regularly for BEC gatherings – (i) know and support one another, (ii) have had their faith strengthened through the Word of God. But, the number who attends BECs regularly is minute compared to the Catholic population in the parishes.
  • The movement of the Church today stress very much that we change from an inward­-looking church (self-preservation) to that of an outward looking church i.e. a Missionary Church – in line with the present pontificate of Pope Francis.
  • We need missionary disciples who can inject new life into the BECs and move the BECs to the next level, where inner strength (empowered by the Holy Spirit) is exhibited in outward loving service
  • This was stated in the Final Statement from the Melaka-Johor Diocesan Synod 2016, no. 5.3.2(ii) “Set up Trainer teachers and Trainers School for Community Building … “
  • Bishop Bernard Paul had suggested formalised training school at the MJD BECAFT meeting on 20 August 2017 and again at the South Johor BECCOT Assembly on 7 October 2017.


  • Parish BECCOT chairpersons/BEC Coordinators/Core Teams may grow in their (i) faith, (ii) knowledge and understanding of the development of BECs in the Diocese and Peninsular Malaysia, (iii) Facilitating skill in community building, (iv) Understanding of Church and (v) Theology of Community Building
  • BECs in Malacca Johore Diocese will be equipped with capable and committed community builders and facilitators endowed with the Spirit of the Gospel to serve
  • BECs in Malacca Johore Diocese will come to life and live the call to be 4E BECs

WHEN will the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED) begin?

  • 26 May 2018, Saturday in Melaka
  • 9 June 2018, Saturday in South Johor


  1. The person of the community builder – personal prayer, faith and life (human development), psycho-spiritual, etc.
  2. Knowledge
    1. A familiarity with Vatican II Documents and Social Catholic Teaching
    2. BEC in Peninsular Malaysia, its history, development, process in relation to aggiornamento, Diocesan Synods, PMPCs,…
    3. Scripture and liturgy
  3. Facilitating skills
    1. In prayer – different ways of praying using Scripture (eg. Lectio Divina),
    2. In community gathering – 3 D and other Gospel sharing approaches,
    3. Human relationship skills– general discussion, general sharing, decision making, relationship with parish priest, conflict management, etc.
  4. Other Faiths and practices – Islam, Buddhists, Hindu, etc.
  5. On-going journey of faith – personal and community, human and spiritual.
  6. A Missionary Spirituality of BEC – witnessing and evangelising.


  • Gather for 3-4 hours or two consecutive nights of 2 hours each, once a week (consisting of prayer, talk, reflection group study, workshops, etc).
  • Monthly written assignment or reflections
  • Practicum – giving BEC introductory formations to specific parishes in teams of three
  • A certificate will be given by MJD Pastoral Secretariat to all successful participants who have completed the training

WHO CAN ATTEND the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)?

  • Candidates have basic computer skill in using word, excel and powerppt programs
  • Candidates who feel the call to facilitate faith growth of others through small communities.
  • Candidates must be able to understand, read and write in English.
  • During the training period, candidates are expected to focus on the training and BEC activities only. This is to allow time for understanding, reflection, prayer, study and research and practicum. 

HOW TO APPLY to be trained in the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)?

  • Interested candidate must submit a written application, with name, tel. no, email, address and the reasons for wanting to attend this training. 
  • Parish Priests are urged to select and recommend suitable candidates for the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)
  • Submit the completed application form provided to:
    Dcn. Offic: josephoffic@yahoo.com | 013-7505594  (Johor)
    Francis Ong: mjdbec@majodi.org  | 012-6178681 (Melaka)
    By 1 May 2018

TRAINERS for the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)?

  1. Bishop Bernard Paul
  2. Spiritual Adviser of MJD BECAFT, Fr. Edward Rayappan
  3. Melaka-Johor Priests
  4. Francis Ong
  5. Eileen & Fung Ming (Lim) of EQUIP Leadership Trainers
  6. Engaging Priests of MJ Diocese – Priests are encouraged to book a slot (about 30 Min) to share their personal story on community building

ORGANISERS & COORDINATORS of the School of Ecclesial Experience Development (SEED)?

  1. MJD Pastoral Secretariat
  2. MJD BECAFT members


  • A contribution of RM100.