Bible Society of Malaysia’s Official Statement on JAIS’ Raid

BSM sees the action by JAIS as an infraction of the 10-Points Solution which was delicately worked out by the Federal Government and the Christian community in March 2011 in order to preserve the peace and harmony between the Muslim and Christian communities in Malaysia. BSM calls upon the Government to uphold its part of the agreement and resolve this delicate issue of the BM Bible with JAIS.

BSM is deeply shocked that JAIS whose legal powers are limited to policing Muslims are now exercising powers over non-Muslims. BSM is of the view that this action contravenes a host of legal provisions including that of the Federal Constitution. This is a sad day heralding the erosion of minority rights.

BSM also calls upon the Christian community to remain calm and to display their best Christian character and virtues of love and forgiveness in this situation, while praying for those responsible for the care of the nation to do their utmost to preserve the peace that Malaysians have enjoyed all these decades.