The Body Follows The Heart | Word from the Shepherd No. 137 | 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time B

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B
Amos 7:12-15; Eph.1:3-14; Mk.6:7-13

Once upon a time in the rainiest part of the rainy season, an old monastic began her pilgrimage to the holiest shrine on the holiest mountain in the land. Forced back by fierce winds and driving rain, she stopped at the foot of the incline to check directions one last time.

“Old woman,” the inn master scoffed, “this mountain is deep in wet and running clay. You cannot possibly climb this mountain now.”

“Oh, sir,” the old monastic said, “the climb to this shrine will be no problem whatsoever. You see, my heart has been there all my life. Now it is simply a matter of taking my body there, as well.”

If our heart is in it, our body will follow it.

The heart moves us; drives us to go beyond ourselves and reach the unimaginable. Paolo Coelho called this: “the path with the heart”. Scriptures refer to this as the “journey of all journeys”.

  1. For Amos, a dresser of sycamores in the Southern Kingdom, Judah, was sent to the North, to Israel to prophesy. When he was challenged and queried his work and presence, Amos declared that it was a “deep compulsion”, a journey for the Lord who told him to GO.
  2. The disciples embarked on a missionary journey, sent by Jesus. There was no reluctance, only cheerfulness and setting off freely.
  3. Many of us have had this experience, felt it as a conviction, an inner stirring, a compulsion, a certainty that came with
    • watchful and careful noting of events and happenings
    • perceiving the fleeting impressions of the Holy Spirit in prayer
    • listening to the counsels of the learned and wise
    • reflecting upon our deepest desires
    • analysing the pros & cons of our decisions
    • getting insights from the scriptures

What is this inner stirring? Where is it coming from? Paul called this “the mystery of God’s purpose for our lives, already predetermined before the world was made, to guide us in choosing “this journey for ourselves”. It is our calling and the ONE MISSION in life. When we opt for this “path with the heart”, we become more fully the person God wants us to be, do the one thing that glorifies God, and we heal and liberate people to realise that the Kingdom of God is already here.

This choice or option for this heart’s journey, affects all other choices and plans of ours.

  1. We tend to choose genuine recreation, not cheap thrills.
  2. We work to re-create the image of God’s Son within, not the ego’s image.
  3. We rebuild ourselves to be life-giving to self and others, not indulge in harmful pursuits.

Where our heart is that’s where our body goes. Let our heart be in the right place, seek the right
things and be nurtured by the right counsel. The body follows the heart.