Experience the Holy Trinity | Word from the Shepherd No. 131 | Trinity Sunday 2021

Trinity Sunday 2021
Dt.4:32-40; Rm.8:14-17; Mt.28:16-20

The Trinity is a laughing matter for some.  They ask: How can there be three in One God?

And a good many, even Catholics are unclear or confused about the Trinity. They have asked me: How do we pray? To whom do we pray?

For many, God is the product of their conjecture. For others, God is a handed-down product.

C.S.Lewis wrote: “God whispers in our pleasures; He speaks to us in our conscience; and He shouts to us in our pain.”

Like C.S.Lewis,  the Biblical people experienced God  in their daily life and history. Moses and the wandering Jews heard, saw and experienced His presence, protection and providence. Their God journeyed with them. They remembered Him as God in the heaven above as on the earth beneath.

Paul invited the Romans to note the Spirit within, the Spirit that moved them to cry “ABBA Father” and share in Jesus’ suffering and glory.  They were reminded to be aware of the inner movements, inner assurances and inner cries. It was there that they could meet  God, the Trinity.

Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel, revealed the Trinitarian identity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the baptismal formula for all times.  Whether it is discipling or initiation , it was an entry, an immersion, a formation and a transformation in the Trinity.

Feel the “God-within”, the God -who-moves-us. Feel the Trinity at work in you.

  1. When you pray, address the Father who is Love, in Jesus name, the Grace and the Spirit who is Unity
  2. Feel the Father when you cry out “Abba Father” and realise deeply that you are His children.
  3. Feel the Son when your fears leave you and when His words ring within “I am with you till the end of time.”
  4. Feel the Spirit when it stirs you to witness, to make disciples, to teach and disciple.
  5. Feel the presence of the Trinity when the scattered , the nobodies are gathered as God’s own.

Experience the Living God, who reveals Himself in every human endeavour , in the pleasures, in the conscience, and the pain.