The Holy Spirit Reconciles. | Word from the Shepherd No. 130 | Pentecost Sunday Year B

Pentecost Sunday Year B
Acts2:1-11; 1 Cor.12:3-13; Jn.20:19-23

At the shores of Lake Tiberius, troubled disciples had gathered. ( They had gone back to fishing…forgot the Jesus episode…it was not getting better….no fish….empty nets…a fruitless not laden, only burdened disciples.)

Peter was also one of them.( trying to handle his lost dignity…struggling with his lies…a deep sense of unworthiness….harbouring thoughts:”The Lord won’t forgive me. Probably saying no one can save me.”

We have often felt that way. Many a times we have been forgiven; yet we feel unforgiven or doubtful or fearful that we may slip again. There is a need for reconciliation, which is more than being forgiven. It is beyond sin and grace focus. The Holy Spirit accomplishes or brings about this reconciliation. We are called to bridge the gaps in our lives. Some may call this ‘conflict resolution’. To bridge the gaps in our lives, the Holy Spirit makes us:

  1. Move from reacting and resisting to the deserts in our lives (our barrenness, our hostilities, our difficulties, our deprivations) to yielding to them by accepting and adapting to them.
  2. Move from doing for God ( our performance, our activities, our actions, keeping SOPs and all our doings) to loving God. It is to please God like David, a man after my heart.
  3. Move from desiring to be spectacular in ministry (throwing yourself down from the pinnacle) to being simple and faithful in ministry( feed my lambs, my sheep)
  4. Move from wanting to be powerful( be in control, be always in the lead) to submission to the Holy Spirit( let go and be led).
  5. Move from Simon(like a reed, no stand, no character) to Peter ( the rock, strong, solid, unshakeable)
  6. Move from doing a job( a hired hand, look for rewards, attitude of entitlement) to embracing what you do as a ministry (a sense of being called, sharing in the Lord’s mission, my small part in the big plan of God).

What is the experience of this Reconciling Spirit?

  1. She loves first. She may come as a wind, a fire or tongues but most often, she is a gentle breeze. She judges not, accuses not, never blames and makes no loud pronouncements.
  2. She calms you down and makes you disclose yourself. She is very unthreatening, very inviting.
  3. She reconnects you with yourself, with what you may have lost, with the helpless victim that you have become, by gently saying : Simon, do you love me? She seeks only a heart of love for her. She looks for love in you.
  4. She prepares us to be hospitable to the hungry. She sends us out to love those that she loves-the lambs and the sheep.

The Holy Spirit reconciles us to our wounded selfs first; reconciles us to God; and sends us out to reconcile the lost lambs and sheep.

The Healing Moment is now. The Lord awaits us at our shore, at the old life that you have gone back to. A meal- an “eat and be healed” moment has been readied by Him. It is for us to want or don’t want. And His words are: “If you love ME, feed My lambs and sheep”.