The Power Of Unity & Unison | Word from the Shepherd No. 129 | 7th Sunday Easter Year B

7th Sunday Easter Year B
Acts 1:15-26; 1 Jn.4:11-16; Jn.17: 11-19

A bridge-builder was sure nothing on the top of the bridge, could bring it down. Another said that it could be brought down. He called for a few men to march across it in unison. They marched unitedly and in unison, producing rhythmic oscillations. Their oneness and unison brought down the bridge. The bridge lost its strength and collapsed.

They call this the “law of synergism”. When joint actions are brought together, they increase each others’ effectiveness. It is a fact that oneness is a reality greater than one. It is bond of different parts brought together to form a new whole where the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

The Acts referred to a oneness that brought unity and continuity. Salvation history was seen as continuous. The apostleship of 12 was retained with a succession plan. It was made certain that the Good News was handed on by witnesses, as seen in the selection of Matthias.

In John’s epistle, love is revealed as the moving force at the heart of oneness. Love bound us together, held and sustained. It is God’s love that draws all people together and makes us one.
John in His Gospel unveiled the importance of oneness. It was the oneness in the upper room, in love, in prayer and in mind and heart, that was the ‘trigger’ for the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Without oneness, there is no family, no community, no church, no nation-building and no future. Without unity, we fall apart. Without being one mind and in heart, there will be no Holy Spirit, no manifestations of the gifts and fruits. How can I find this oneness? Where can I find it? When can I find it?

  1. When you seek Him in contemplation: ‘Remain in Me’, Jesus said. Enter into prayer, meditation and prayer of the heart. Let your mind be renewed; free your heart from indifference; yield to the Holy Spirit.
  2. When you find a Christ-centred Community: a community of encouragers, companions on a journey and discerners of God’s will.
  3. When we see our own oneness with life and history: it is being present to all times, all events and all peoples like the Good Samaritan.
  4. When we do all things in love and out of love: it can be our vocation, our jobs, our services or outreaches, there must be love and mercy.

Unity, unison and oneness can move mountains. The biggest fear of the devil, big powers and divisive politicians is oneness, or people uniting.

“Experience unity. Unity grows along the way, it never stands still. Unity happens when we walk together.” (Pope Francis)