Signs Out There, Signs That Save | Word from the Shepherd No. 105 | 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

32nd Ordinary Sunday A
Wis. 6:12; 1Thess. 4:13-18; Mt. 25:1-13

Grissom, the team leader of the CSI series, often said: The proof is out there, waiting to be found. Wise ones taught their people: There are signs that constantly remind us that life wishes us to be saved.

Others say: Salvation is the path that leads us our dreams, and our destiny.
The scriptures refer to 3 SIGNS THAT SAVE; and that they are our paths to our dream and destiny.

  1. The Sign of Wisdom, something alive, which is nearby, bright, always aglow, readily seen and never difficult to find.
  2. The Sign of the Resurrected life, the new life in the Risen Lord; a life in the Holy Spirit; a life that raised Jesus from the dead. Paul referred to it as the inner and sure experience. It is our hope that we will meet God.
  3. The Sign of the Groom. The guide, the spouse-to-be, the companion on our journey. Sometimes delayed but sure of coming. This sign leads one to the wedding feast; which is a celebration of life, a celebration of finding our destiny and our place. It is for the prepared and the ready.

Just like the 5 foolish virgins or bridesmaids, some of us will miss the signs. It is a missed opportunity of grace. The unprepared, the complacent, those who take for granted or rely on past accomplishments, who think ‘they know’ and think that everything is transferable and shareable miss these grace moments. There are somethings in life that are not shareable nor transferable eg. our dreams, our faith, our salvation, our good works, our merits etc.

How can one be alert to the signs? These saving signs? That point us to our destiny? The Book of Wisdom reminds us that it begins with love for wisdom, followed by our efforts to seek her, think about it and are worthy of her. The gospel presents the five wise bridesmaids, who were ready, as lamp bearers. They were prepared for that role. They had lighted lamps with the oil of preparedness to await the coming of the groom.

All ‘ending well’ or reaching our destiny depends on our personal response, which is ‘one moment in time’ experience. It is a saving experience for something bigger. To enter this journey or to be prepared for the “delayed groom”,

  1. One has enter on personal merit, it is a personal readiness.
  2. One has to be aware that ‘something in life cannot be borrowed’.
  3. One has to realise that ‘something’s in life cannot be put off until the last moment. What is expected is constant readiness.

Be ready for the Groom, he maybe delayed but will come. Be alert and be ready for what your call is. Be prepared yourself, others cannot help you. You finish alone. You are saved alone. Your dream is yours alone. Your destiny is yours alone. No one can expect others to share or transfer their merit points us.

The saving signs are there but we have to flow with it.