Project David 2014

Johor Bahru – From the 26th to 29th March 2014, by God’s grace, PROJECT DAVID, was organized by the Diocesan Youth and Campus Ministry, a camp for the youth leaders in the Diocese of Malacca-Johor, with the bible verse “I will appoint you shepherds after my own heart” Jeremiah 3:15 as its theme. This camp had over 40 participants from all over the diocese in attendance.

The goal of this leadership camp had Pope Francis’ vision of the new evangelization in mind. Pope Francis, in an interview said earlier in his pontificate, to “heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful”. This also means to become shepherds of today’s youths, being gentle, more outreaching, loving and humble servants of the Lord.

Deacon Adrian led in a session where the youth leaders shared problems which they faced in their youth ministries, the country, and he also led them to prepare their personal testimony. This session by Deacon Adrian made participants reflect on how God prepared their lives as a living testimony.

NONEMike Arents, a speaker from Singapore, spoke on the ‘Father heart of God’ and how there was a need to see God as a loving Father, and how that would affect the leader. He later shared that it was important to ask for the right image of God in our lives. Project David also pushed the boldness of the youths with some activities like Bible studies every morning, praise and worship and intercessory prayer. Participants had a chance to lead as worship leaders and also as musicians, with the help of Jacob Wee, who is an experienced musician and worship leader from Singapore. He taught the campers on what it means to prepare as a team for praise and worship.

At the bible study, at every morning of the camp, campers explored and reflected on a few key points of leadership of King David’s life. On the second night of the camp, participants presented skits and dances that they learnt and received some constructive feedback. After that, they prayed the Stations of the Cross around the grounds of the camp site which ended with an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

NONE“I’ve gained extra knowledge on my faith through the Bible Sharing and the talks in this camp, and it has also opened my eyes to many new things in my faith”, says Raynold Dass from St Theresa, Malacca. Another participant from St Louis’ Church, Kluang claims she was so motivated by the confidence of other participants, during a time of intercessory prayer, which she says, pushed her to become bolder and brave to pray spontaneously.

The working team of this camp would like to thank especially the volunteers who made this camp possible and prays that many youths will become bold and step up as leaders following that great example of the King David. Join us, as we pray for a new generation of youths who are excited about God, in love with Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit! Praise The Lord!

Alyssa Lopez Marcelo