Project: David 2013

Sessions were reworked this year to be even more focused on leadership and so the camp started with a questionnaire adapted from John Maxwell’s leadership material to ascertain their current problems. Starting and building youth ministries was the priority as the young people learnt various lessons from the stories of King David’s life eg vision and direction, teamwork, conflict management, programme planning etc. Everyday the participants woke up early and began their day with an hour long Bible sharing which they really enjoyed. Another unique feature of the camp was that every group was given a chance to lead Praise & Worship after which an evaluation was given.

Since this year’s school holidays coincided with Holy Week participants had to hurry down after Palm Sunday celebrations. Although exhausted, after an introduction to the camp the young leaders already went into deep waters as they shared their personal testimony. For all of them it was a heartfelt session and a real eye-opener; one young man even courageously shared about his experience with pornography.

For the second day there was Trust Walk and a new game: ‘Life Risk’. Participants enjoyed the experience and later reflected on its lessons for leadership. At night the young people watched a movie on the life of Mother Teresa. It deeply touched many of them as they saw how humble the saint was in serving the poor. The movie brought out the message for the session ‘Facing the Giants’ which ended with a very meaningful Stations of the Cross led by Edmund Yap.

On the third day the Youth Leaders learnt about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, how to start a conversation and identified their conflict management style. For Presentation Night, besides the standard PAG skits, participants also tried new skits after which feedback was given by Edmund Yap and guests Christine Choo and Justin Seow. Although this session aimed at equipping leaders with creative ways of presenting the Gospel, many were moved by the message of the skits.

Participants rated the camp as above average with a unanimous feedback that they would recommend this camp to others. One noteworthy comment came that she ‘would do Praise & Worship differently as a result of the camp; it’s not about fun but to glorify God’. A pleasantly surprising came from another who said that this camp has made her consider becoming a religious sister. ‘Being part of this camp has opened my heart to bring forth courage to go a step further into the wilderness. I will consider God’s calling for me without ill-judgement’. Praise the Lord!