Project David 2012

In the book of Samuel, we read about the story of David; of how God chose him to be the leader, despite all his weaknesses. This, and various other stories in the life of Israel’s greatest Old Testament king provided the inspiration for Melaka-Johor’s first Teens Leadership camp, Project: David, which was held on the 13th till the 16th March 2012, in MAJODI Centre, Johor Bahru.

Taking note of Bishop Paul Tan’s directives at the Diocesan Synod 2010 on leadership training, the primary objective of the camp was to train youth leaders based on biblical principles. Training was also geared towards a very practical dimension, especially that they would be able to run the ‘Persons Are Gifts’ camp in their respective parishes. A total of 5o participants came from nine parish communities and we also had participants from Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur.

As the participants flipped the Bibles through the significant moments of King David’s life, they learnt how to share their personal testimony, lead praise & worship, lead group sharing and recover from failure. The speakers were the Head of the Youth & Campus Ministry, Deacon Adrian Ng, Youth Ministers Adrian Mathews and Joseph Uvarajah Savage, and youth leader Francisco Overee.

For the games, the first evening at camp they had ‘Captain Ball’ followed by football and treasure hunting the evenings after. Presentation Night gave the participants a chance to try the skits and dances normally used in a Persons Are Gifts camp. Besides experiencing working as team, the presentations were done very well and moved the audience in spite of the short time to practice.

Besides inculcating a habit of reading and sharing from the Bible, the young leaders were exposed to Ignatian Contemplation which many of them really liked. Night prayers on all three days were intense encounters with the Lord as the youths gave their lives in Adoration, were set free in the praying-over and identified with a very creative and memorable Stations of the Cross as they took turns to carry a large cross, prayerfully, all around MAJODI.

Comments received after the camp were very encouraging: ‘’ I love Bible sharing now!’, ‘Ignation Contemplation was awesome!’, ‘I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit’, ‘Praise and worship sessions were really inspiring and opened my mind and heart to receiving God’s healing grace’, ‘The testimonies given were so real, I’m actually facing the same problems at home. I am not alone in this’. The movie ‘To Save a Life’ also made a huge impact on many of the participants as it carried the sense of message of reaching out to people who are marginalised.

One youth leader from the Bahasa Malaysia Apostolate, Grace Langsat, sms-ed her realisation to the organisers one week after the camp: ‘Project David has changed my spiritual life a lot, and it’s really amazing. The Holy Spirit lives in me thanks to all Project: David Team!’

The camp has been a fuel for the youth leaders as they implement what they have learnt. For the next few months till the next school holidays, those from the Church of Immaculate Conception, JB and St Simon’s, Kota Kinabalu will be busy preparing for their parish ‘Persons Are Gifts’ Camp. Over in Melaka, the talented youths are reviving the Diocesan band ‘CHRISM’ and will be assisting at the diocesan Chastity workshop ‘No Apologies’ in June. Others will be taking what they learnt at Project: David to run their own camps and youth ministries.