Orang Asli Back to School Project

As the Pandemic has impacted everyone especially the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Orang Asli communities were struggling to keep their children in school. Lack of resources has forced children to drop out of school.

To support the Orang Asli communities, last year, Caritas-MJDOHD has launched a diocese wide donation drive to collect funds for them.

On the 6th and 7th April, Caritas MJD together with Aru Bumi distributed aid for the Orang Asli Back to School Project. SSVP Kluang was also involved and distributed the aid to the Orang Asli Communities in Kluang. RM 28k was raised during the fund raising activity and RM 38k was spent for these 2 Back to School Project. 

a) Aru Bumi

151 students from 5 Kampung Orang Asli (KOA) has benefited from this project which are KOA Pasir Intan, Kota Tinggi, KOA Sayong Pinang, Kota Tinggi, KOA Sungai Tuba, Mersing, KOA Tanah Abang, Mersing, KOA Tanjung Tuan, Mersing. Each student received cash and stationary, this aid helps to ease the burden of the parents to send their children to school.

b) SSVP Kluang

For Kampung Orang Asli at Kluang, RM 7,350 of cash was given for 147 students. Each student was also given stationery and a school bag. The children were able to choose from the appointed shop for the stationeries and school bags.