Melaka-Johor Diocese Youth and Campus Ministry Annual Recollection

The annual recollection started rather deeply with Imaginative Prayer and lectio divina sessions on the Emmaus Story led by Brother Leslie. Although some found it difficult to focus coming from a half-day of work, a few participants found these sessions the most memorable part of the camp.

This was followed on the second day by a talk on Discipleship and Bible Study on What Leadership Is Not. In the afternoon, the leaders watched the movie, ‘To Save a Life’ about how faith transformed the lives of a few teenagers. Many were really moved by the movie and even requested to get copies for themselves. After the movie showing, everyone had the opportunity to go for herbal treatment spa and enjoying the cool natural under water pool at the resort. In the evening all the leaders enjoyed their BBQ dinner and a karaoke bonding session.

On the third day of the recollection, campus ministry shared about their activities followed by each language apostolate. The programme and budget for 2012 was reviewed and updated. The youth leaders appreciated the chance to finally meet campus leaders as they needed the latter’s help to follow-up on some youths who had entered college. The sharing of experiences and ideas enabled everyone to consider new ways of doing things and to anticipate problems.

Overall, the youth leaders gave a positive feedback on the 3 days, as many things were new, enlightening, relaxing and enjoyable.

Written by Edrin Marconi & Deacon Adrian Ng