人就是礼物 (Mandarin Persons Are Gifts) 2013


The Melaka Johor Diocesan Youth Ministry organised the very first Persons Are Gifts Camp in Mandarin from 24th – 26th May 2013 at MAJODI Centre, Johor. Every year, the English speaking youths had been running this camp, but this challenge required an extraordinary collaboration between bilingual English and Mandarin Apostolate youths from the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Church of St Joseph, Plentong and the Church of Christ the King, Kulai. Even the two of the speakers Edwina Edwin and Longinus Dismas were resourced from Penang and Singapore respectively.

The camp was targeted towards the younger teenagers of the South Johor parishes. And by the first week of May, 34 youths, representing five parishes from the district, had already signed up so registrations had to close before the number of participants became unmanageable.

This camp is designed to allow students to find their own unique, precious value in themselves and others, and as God-given gifts. A total of nine sessions followed a fixed curriculum. The outreach team presented several exciting and heartwarming skits and personal testimony, to bring home the session’s message. In a special session, students also went to the Graceville Old Folk’s Home in MAJODI to understand the “weaker parts in the Body of Christ”. The young people enthusiastically tried to chat with the elderly residents as they practiced the message that behind the frail and old wrapping, is a person, who is still a gift.

The speakers had asked the students to bring their own wrapping paper and plastic containers to be made into the individual’s gift box. Then everyone was invited to write words of encouragement, compliments and affirmations which were inserted into the gift box.

In addition to these very apt adolescent-life messages, the team also supported the youths to participation in the games and Talent Night. For the Talent Night in the evening, some parents came to watch and support their children after which everyone enjoyed together the delicious supper brought by the parents. In spite of it being the final night, the participants made the choice not to have indoor games as they wanted to write their affirmation notes for their friends (the team became rather busy cutting the paper for them to write their notes!). The team was very surprised by the students’ choice.

On the last day of camp, the students completed the final two sessions presented by Josephine Tan and Eric Thon. Fr Pang presided over the closing Mass after which the team presented a final song for the students, “We Are the Reason” (in Mandarin). After enjoying the last lunch, everyone took their gift boxes filled with ‘presents’ and reluctantly returned home.


(新山讯) 甲柔教区青年局华文组于2013年5月24日至26日, 假甲柔教区中心首次举办以华语进行的三天两夜的 ‘人就是礼物’ (Persons Are Gifts) 成长营。由于往年都只是由英文组带领这类似的成长营, 因此我们邀请了一些能够口操华语的英文组自愿事工来协助举办这次的成长营。


      在这个成长营里,总共有九项“人就是礼物”的固定课程,分别是:期望与付出、外表 vs 内心、你是哪种人、你所拥有的、包装不是礼物、礼物包装纸、天主的礼物、父母的礼物和性别的礼物。在一些课程前,工作小组呈现了几个精彩又触动人心的短剧和生活见证,来预备学生的心灵去聆听讲师的课程。在某些课程里,讲师也带领学生一起到甲柔教区中心的老人院拜访老人,了解那些“在基督奥体里柔弱的肢体”的生活。学生也踊跃地尝试去和老人闲聊,同时也在工作人员的带领下参观老人院。讲师也引导学生把自己带来的礼物纸和塑料罐做成个人的礼物盒,并在礼物纸上点缀自己生命的色彩,然后邀请学生把鼓励和赞美的话写在纸上然后投进对方的礼物盒里。

      除了这些非常贴切青少年生活的课程以外,工作人员也在游戏和Talent Night的项目中陪伴着学生,为他们打气,也一同参与他们的表演里。在Talent Night表演的当晚,也有一些父母前来观看学生的表演,为孩子加油打气。在Talent Night结束后,大家就一起享用家长们带来的食物,共享这美味的百乐餐。在当晚的最后一个游戏项目里,学生宁愿抛弃游戏也要争取时间把自己所要说的话在最后一晚里投进好友的礼物盒里,使得工作人员只忙着为他们预备纸条,这也让一些工作人员对学生的反应感到讶异。



学生们以歌声并舞蹈来赞美天主 讲师和工作人员带领学生一同到老人院拜访老人并观察他们的生活。 学生们分享自己的期望和贡献。活力充沛的学生在草场上玩“司令球”。