GIFT’s Theology of the Body

The honourable speaker was Joseph Uvarajah, the previous youth minister of Malacca-Johor Diocese. The topics covered throughout the event mainly discussed about love between God and human beings, love between human beings and love with oneself. Registration started on Friday night, followed by Stations of The Cross. The first session began with a talk on an education of being human.

The next day, the session continued with more interesting talks related to spousal love and also reasons why God created man and woman. In between all the sessions, there were also exciting games held to refresh everyone’s mind. At night, the Campus Ministry Team couple of Estelle Liew and Mark Anthony were invited to share how they lived their life after marriage. The session then continued with a talk on sex and health. Apart from that, the participants got to experience their own silent moment with God as there was a healing session later that night. Although tears were shed, we believe that God has healed each and every participant in His own way.

The following day, Joseph delivered his talk on marriage in a very special way in which he showed a movie entitled “Fireproof” to the participants. It was a great movie with lots of marital values in it. Finally, the session concluded with the last talk about celibacy for God’s kingdom, ending with a photo session.

Overall, the objectives of the event were achieved and the participants gained a priceless experience and knowledge from all the sessions held. Indeed, it was an eye-opener for everyone. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful event and also for making it a successful one. These are some testimonies given by participants of the Theology of the Body:

Matthias Michel: I’m glad that I joined this event. It gives a great impact and insight into my Catholic. Hopefully such an event can be held again in the future. Thanks to the awesome speaker, Brother Joseph, and congratulations to all committee members for their hard work.

Alister Gendi: Everything was awesome. I am now madly in love with God, for I realise how beautiful God and His creation are. It is just simply beyond human words.