Pastoral Directive from Bishop Bernard Paul, DD (No. 29)

Date: 10 November 2020

To All Catholics in the Parishes of Malacca Johore Diocese.

Re: CMCO and SOPs for the Diocese of Malacca Johore for the period 9th Nov – 6th Dec 2020

  1. Founded on the MKN SOP PKPB (Nov. 8), the SOPs of MKN Johor and Melaka, the guidelines of Jabatan Perpaduan, and the Johor Police Facebook 7th November, the following are provided for your implementation.
  2. The following are approved and PERMITTED:
    1. All church Masses and Services or prayers will continue as planned, provided they subscribe to the one-third (1/3) capacity requirement, the physical distancing, the hygienic practices and wearing of facial masks. The required SOPs for church services must be followed.
    2. Weddings and Funeral Services or Mass can continue for a maximum gathering of 30 persons, with wide space, physical distancing etc.
  3. The following are NOT permitted:
    1. Engagement/Wedding Gatherings or Dinner receptions or celebrations of any kind are forbidden in the church premises as well as in public places.
    2. All seminars, workshops or courses, conferences or public talks, which includes Catechism Classes, are forbidden.
    3. All BEC gatherings are suspended for this period.
    4. Those age 70 years and above, and 12 years and below, are recommended “not to be allowed”.
  4. The practice of hearing Confessions is a service to the Church;
    1. It is advised that all parishes display signages at the confessionals and notice boards; and priests are to be available at their stations at least 30 minutes before masses.
    2. Confessions can also be made with the priests at their office, by appointments.
    3. No Penitential Services for this year; but the Vicariates have arranged special Advent confessions for the faithful on specific days and times. (No preparations, no long queues, no waiting.)
  5. The Christmas Eve and Day Masses maybe earlier than the usual, so as NOT to go beyond the 10.00pm limit for church services.
  6. The RCIA Rite of Acceptance can be held on the 1st Sunday of Advent; if the parish is ready and the SOPs are adhered to.

For this time, these are the best options we have. Be aware that the CMCO or the SOPs may change anytime.

Together Building His Kingdom,
+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, D.D.
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese