Pastoral Directive from BBP – Preparation for Church Opening and Commencement of Worship

Preparation for Church Opening and Commencement of Worship

  1. On 15th June 2020,the National Security Council (NSC) and the Ministry for National Unity (MNU) declared the lifting of prohibition on churches and worship. Yet the lifting of prohibition on the policies and SOPs are determined by each state. For your information, the Johor State Council is meeting on the 18 June 2020. (No information from Melaka.) Whatever the outcome, open or not, now or later, the churches have to open eventually. With this in view, this pastoral directive is a call to prepare ourselves for the faithful. Faith formation, spiritual nourishment and pastoral care cannot be denied for long.
  2. The following steps are being adopted and recommended to all parishes, chapels and mass centres. Adaptation is permitted at parish level to be relevant to the local needs.
    1. With effect from (w.e.f.) the 20th June 2020 (Saturday):
      1. All parishes, chapels and mass centres are to prepare for the eventual opening by becoming MCO SOP compliant within 2 weeks, i.e. by 4″‘ July 2020. (Checklist & Training Kit will be provided. Refer to Fr. Paul Sia of MPI).
      2. During this time, Parish Health Teams (PHTl to be set up, training provided. Seek the help of other parishes and Catholic Doctors Association (via Deacon Dr. Leslie Petrus).
      3. Ready the parish, churches and facilities accordingly.
      4. Use the checklist as guide; tick off, sign the declaration of readiness and send to Bishop for approval (before opening or beginning of masses).
    2. Opening of Churches for Worship
      1. Commences with the approval of the Bishop (provided the states of Melaka and Johor have given the clearance). The new normal is 1/3 (one-third) of the capacity.
      2. Whether it is a Sunday Mass or a week day, dispensation from Sunday obligation has been granted.
      3. Even with face-to-face masses, online or live-stream will be made available ( or Malacca Johore Diocese Youtube.)
    3. The churches and worship, whether now or later, are going to begin. Let us be ready to serve our expectant faithful, with the joy of the Lord.

Together Building His Kingdom,

+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, D.D.
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese

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