Pastoral Directive from BBP (No. 23) – Opening of Churches, Commencement of Worship

Opening of Churches, Commencement of Worship

This is a follow up of Bishop’s Pastoral Directive No.22 dated 17″‘ June 2020.

After discussions and dialogue with various government officials, the Jabatan Perpaduan Negara of the State of Melaka (but NOT the State of Johor) have given their blessings to kick
start our parishes.

  1. The MKN’s announcement to open and begin worship with 1/3 the capacity and adhering to the given SOPs, is the first guideline.
  2. The State JPNs have permitted us to start without the need to register; reminding us to abide to Federal or MKN’s directive (above) and that checking will follow.
  3. As Bishop of the MJD, the following steps must be followed:
    1. From now till 4″‘July, prepare parishes, chapels and mass centres for SOP compliance (cf. checklist).
    2. By 4″‘ July, submit signed application forms to the Bishop for approval. (cf. checklist attachment). *
    3. Only approved begin on the 5*“ July (or after). Begin with one mass a centre. Improve on weaknesses. Then, increase frequency of masses in the second week. Next, introduce week day masses.
    4. Strict monitoring by Parish Response Team or Parish Health Team must be enforced.

A blessed opening of your churches and may the halls of worship be again filled with prayers, hymns and responses of the faithful.

Together Building His Kingdom,

+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, D.D.
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese