Diocesan Updates (Bishop’s Circular BP/2018/024)

Date: 15th August 2018

Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/024

To All Clergy, Religious Houses and Lay Faithful of Malacca Johore Diocese.

Re: Diocesan Updates

  1. Tabung Harapan Report
    Archbishop Julian Leow reported the total collected by the nine (9) Arch/dioceses of Malaysia amounted to RM1,138,653.10. Our MJD Diocese collected a total of RM153,548.35. The list of contributor-parishes was published via Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/022 dated 25th July 2018 and posted onto our website. This information is publicised for accountability to the Catholics of the Diocese. Many thanks to all of you who have played a small but important part as citizens. We determine the destiny of our nation. We share in the prosperity and in the bad times that we are part of.

  2. National Day Celebrations 2018: “Sayangi Malaysia Ku”
    All Catholics and parishes have been reminded to organise masses on 31st August 2018 and 16th September 2018, to commemorate Merdeka and Malaysia Day respectively. Flying of the Jalur Gemilang, singing of the Negaraku and other patriotic songs e.g. Sejahtera Malaysia, could be encouraged.

    Our prayers for the nation must be sustained. The election is over but the change and compliance to the Manifesto and the Malaysian Malaysia is slow in coming. Pray for our elected representatives to the state assemblies and parliament to be examples of courage and integrity. Never stop praying our ”Malaysia to be truly Asia”; for a creative, inclusive and bridge­-building people, churches and leaders. God bless Malaysia.

  3. Coming Next! ANNOUNCE IT!

    1. Catholic Youth Games organised by the Youth of St Theresa’s Church, Gajah Berang, with the MJD Youth Ministry, will see the presence of 700 young people and 200 volunteers from North to South of the Diocese. Sports- the way to walk, to work and to worship together. All are welcome.

    2. Weekend With Rabboni. 24-Hours with one another; with the Bishop, clergy and religious. Come and See! God Calls. God Attracts. Come young adults! Come young professionals! Come you who are seeking something more!

Together Building God’s Kingdom

+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, DD
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese

Bishop's Circular BP/2018/024