Collection for TABUNG HARAPAN MALAYSIA (THM) (Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/022)

25th July 2018

Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/022

To All Parishes, Religious House and the Lay Faithful of Malacca Johore Diocese.


  1. Further to my circular dated 1st June 2018 (No: BP/2018/022) on this collection, our diocese has managed to collect a total sum of RM153,548.35.
  2. The sum has been transferred to the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur who has been charged to collate all the sums from all the dioceses in the whole of Malaysia before handing over to the PH Government.
  3. The Archbishops and Bishops of Malaysia would like to thank all parishes, religious Houses and individual Catholics for partaking in this noble cause for the future of our beloved country Malaysia.
  4. The breakdown of our collection in our diocese is as follows:
      Tabung Harapan Collection – MJD Amount RM
    1 Church of Christ the King, Kulai 4,377.80
    2 Church of the Immaculate Conception, JB 11,528.70
    3 Church of St. Andrew, Muar 4,217.00
    4 Church of St. Matthew, Tangkak 1,244.00
    5 Church of St. Anthony, Chaah 924.00
    6 Church of St. Elizabeth, Kota Tinggi 830.70
    7 Church of St. Francis Xavier, Melaka 10,245.60
    8 Church of the Holy Spirit, Jasin 231.00
    9 Chapel of St. Anne, Alar Gajah 162.95
    10 Chapel of St. James, Merlimau 258.00
    11 Church of St. Henry, Batu Pahat 4,058.80
    12 Chapel of St. Anthony, Yong Peng 500.00
    13 Church of St. Joseph, Plentong 14,628.00
    14 Church of St. Louis, Kluang 5,667.65
    15 Church of St. Mary, Melaka 4,153.00
    16 Chapel of Corpus Christi, Kem Terendak 259.00
    17 Church of St. Peter, Melaka 8,019.00
    18 Church of St. Philip, Segamat & chapels 3,507.00
    19 Church of St. Simon, Labis 607.00
    20 Church of St. Theresa, Masai 3,403.65
    21 Church of St. Theresa, Melaka 18,610.85
    22 Church Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Krubong 8,800.25
    23 Church of the Holy Family, Ulu Ti ram 5,000.00
    24 Skudai Catholic Centre, JB 3,661.40
    25 Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, JB 28,370.00
    26 Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary (CSCM) 8,000.00
    27 Church of St. Peter, Mersing 283.00
    28 COD Formation House, Melaka 2,000.00
      TOTAL: RM 153,548.35
  5. Please put this up on to your notice boards/bulletins for the information of all the lay faithful in our diocese.

Thank you and God bless.

Together Building God’s Kingdom,

+Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, DD
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese

Bishop's Circular BBP/201/022Bishop's Circular BBP/201/022