Campus Ministry Updates (Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/013)

Date: 1st March 2018

Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2018/013

To the Bishop’s Delegate & Head, Campus Ministry Office Executive, Campus Ministry Officers (CMOs), Catholic Students Society (CSC) and Christian Fellowship.


  1. Wishing all of you a holy season of Lent 2018 and a prayerful preparation for the coming Easter Celebration. May the Lord you love journey with you in your studies and faith life.
  2. Below are some announcements related to Campus Ministry Office of the Malacca Johor Diocese (MJD):
    1. Deacon Adrian Ng has been assigned to MJD’s Pastoral Secretariat with effect from 1st March 2018 as Pastoral Executive Assistant. He will cease to be Director of Campus Ministry Office or Chaplain to the Campuses.
    2. Sr. Shanti Mariadass, FdCC is appointed as Spiritual Advisor and Head in his place, with Darryl Tan assisting.
    3. The MJD is seeking young graduates with a passion for campus ministry; seeking to live their call and mission as Catholic community leaders and builders. We need a full-timer for South Johor District.
    4. Part-timers, volunteers and alumnis are welcome to be partners and co-workers to beef up the Catholic CMOs.
  3. The dream of the diocese is to see the Campus Ministry reflecting the 4e Approach; Campus Catholics becoming communities of families and energised/motivated campus ministers. My desire is to see 4e graduates or undergraduates… How lovely it will be to see graduating Catholics, returning to campuses as ministers or officers or 4e missionaries. This is one way to live your call and mission as Catholics, loved much by the Lord. He said: “If you love Me, feed my sheep … my lambs.” Jn.21:17.
  4. Again, MJD cares for you and is concerned about “what you become.” Never lose your “first love.” The Lord has a special love for you. Work with us to build God’s Kingdom here.

Advance Peace of the Risen Lord be with you.

Together Building God’s Kingdom
+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, DD.
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese

Bishop's Circular No: BP/2018/013