CAMPUS MINISTRY UPDATE: Purchase of Second-hand Van (Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2017/011)

To All the Lay Faithful of Malacca Johore Diocese,

  1. The Malacca Johore Diocese, hereby, proudly declares that the donations for the above intention, have not only reached but surpassed the target of RM79,854.80.
  2. The appeal is now closed. The goal has been achieved. The excess of RMl,050.01 (as of November 2017) will be channelled into the Campus Ministry account to continue outreach work to the Campus students.
  3. To all well-wishers, benefactors and friends of Malacca Johore Diocese, a holy and blessed Christmas and my heartfelt thanks for your generosity and love for the young adults in campuses.

To Deacon Adrian Ng, also thank you for initiating this move.

God bless you all.

Together Building God’s Kingdom,
+ Rt. Rev. Bernard Paul, DD
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese

Bishop's Circular No: BP/2017/011