MCO 2.0 Extended to 18th February 2021 – Bishop’s Circular No. BP/2021/048

Date: 4th February 2021

Bishop’s Circular No: BP/2021/048

To All MJD Clergy and Parishes.

Dear Reverend Fathers,

Re: MCO 2.0 Extended to 18th February 2021

  1. Following the press conference by Senior Defence Minister on 2nd Feb 2021, the MCO 2.0 has been extended till the 18th February 2021.
  2. The earlier SOPs which were to end on the 4th February, continue to apply for now. There are no changes nor exemptions.
  3. The CNY masses and the Ash Wednesday masses are affected by this MCO extension. Online masses can be provided.
  4. Remember that mass gatherings and all church services are suspended for now.
  5. Continue to pray for your people, continue to offer masses for the world and continue to keep in touch with your community leaders.

Together Building His Kingdom,

+ Rt Rev Bernard Paul, D.D.
Bishop of Malacca Johore Diocese