Chinese New Year 2022 Message

Short, simple and sharp videoclips, with crisp messages for CNY are out. Among them, there are the RHB’s “A Spark for Change”, Maybank’s “Back to the FU-ture”, JTV’s “Go Home, Bah” and DIY’s “Family”. But Garmin’s “The Little Things” struck a note. The little things matter. Often, they are the key to happiness but they are forgotten or cast aside or taken for granted. The unpleasant incidences blur our sight. The reminder is to look back and appreciate the little things. Take time to be thankful for them. Affirm one other. Enjoy the round-table stories. May your reunion be that time to value the little things and the people in your life.

Wishing you, dear Catholics of Chinese origin and the Chinese community of Malaysia, a blessed New Year of the Tiger. May the courage, the prowess and goodness which are godly attributes, empower you to face the challenges ahead.

God bless you all.

Bishop Bernard